The 7-Figure Club is a sisterhood of powerwomen who team up for connections, brilliant ideas, and support. You can spend a lifetime gaining valuable connections, or you can accelerate through VIP introductions via the 7-Figure Club. Through our connections, we have successfully landed members national press in Real Simple, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, MSNBC and more.

The 7-Figure Club has figured out something that most haven’t:
If you build business right, you work smarter, not harder. This is achieved through accessing brilliant minds, connections, and support. 
In order to save money, time, and energy getting to the top, there’s a number of things you have to nail: branding, PR, business strategy, relationships and how to utilize your most powerful asset: YOU.
The 7-Figure Club solves all of the above for highly successful businesswomen. From curated connections to VIP retreats to working privately with high-level coaches, you choose how quickly you want to rise with three levels that we offer: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

And one thing will get you farther faster: The quality of your network.

Welcome to the 7-Figure Club.

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The 7-Figure Club

You have a successful niche business(es) and have the potential to inspire others through a lifestyle brand. You have the “IT” factor to use the power of your “business celebrity” and personal brand to attract speaking gigs, media attention, and catapult your business to the next stratosphere… all while doing massive good in this world.
You are the single most powerful spokesperson for your companies and it’s time to tie it together and present to the world your 7-figure brand that you can monetize through speaking, press, media, and social media. Ultimately, you are giving back to society by creating more jobs in America and supporting charities that you love.
8 brilliant brains on your business. By joining the most powerful brain trust of top businesswomen in the country, you’ll develop CEO and leadership skills to skyrocket your business. This high level mastermind of risktakers, job creators, AND world-changers gets you VIP business connections, milliondollar ideas, and the support of other women leaders in the nation who get you.
The 7FC is now accepting applications!Apply Here